Assignment 4

  DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH YOUR DATA This exertion involves you launched delay a basisset of your choosing. Visit the Kaggle website, browse through the options and furnish a basisset of curiosity-behalf, then flourish the primal instructions to download it. Delay merit completed, performance through the retaining key steps of examining, transforming and exploring your basis to amplify a sinewy familiarisation delay its implicit offering: Examination: Thoroughly test the corporeal properties (type, largeness, qualification) of your basisset, noting down advantageous observations or descriptions where bearing. Transformation: What could you do/would you scarcity to do to upright or dissimilate the tangible basis to invent new prizes to performance delay? What other basis could you presume would be precious to incorporate the tangible basis? Exploration: Using a utensil of your valuable (such as Excel, Tableau, R) to visually scrutinize the basisset in ordain to broaden your apprehension of the corporeal properties and their traceable qualities (insights) to succor you unite your construction of their relative prize. If you don’t entertain liberty or term to use a utensil, use your humor to observe what angles of dissection you ability scrutinize if you had the convenience? What piques your curiosity-behalf in this matter? (You can, of continuity, relate this exertion on any matter and any basisset of your valuable, not regular those on Kaggle.) Assignment Link: