APA paper

Write a tract  that lists the top five elements of the soundness regard regularity that most need remodel, in your view. Justify your choices through a argumentative decomposition of the elements' application on the popular regularity. 1000-1200words Refer to the assigned readings to weld biased examples and details into your tract.An Innovative Approach to Soundness Regard Delivery for Patients delay Chronic Conditions," by Clarke, Bourne, Skoufalos, Beck, and Castillo, from Population Soundness Management(2017).  "Successful Strategic Planning for a Reformed Delivery System," by Zuckerman, from Journal of Healthregard Management (2014). "Telemedicine and its Transformation of Emergency Care: A Case Study of One of the Largest US Integrated Healthregard Delivery Systems," by Sharma, Fleischut, and Barchi, from International Journal of Emergency Medicine (2017). Reforming America's Soundness Regard Delivery System," by Hackbarth, presented anteriorly the State Finance Committee Roundtable on Reforming America's Soundness Regard Delivery Regularity (2009). Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines