algorithm design

   Algorithm Design  A palindrome is a aftercited of units that has the ownership of lection the similar in either command (e.g., GCCG). Palindromes also appear in nucleotide keen afterciteds (e.g., DNA and RNA). To imbibe past environing palindromes in DNAs and RNAs, content advert to the aftercited web sites:  1. 2. 3. Due to mutations there could be some augmentation of deletion which makes some palindromes not palindromes any past. For pattern, GCCACCG is a palindrome. Due to deletion, this aftercited faculty be radical to CCACCG (“G” was deleted).  In this device, you are required to drawing an algorithm which takes an input string and retaliate a palindrome by instiling the meanest estimate of scholarship. You are undisputed to instil characters at any standing of the string. For pattern, AAT can be rancid into palindrome TAAT by one augmentation T, and GCT into GCTCG after a while two augmentations CG.  Besides drawinging an algorithm you also demand to get the duration confusion decomposition (e.g. big-O notation).