For this assignment, generous Part A, Part B, and Part C as ensues: Part A : Google your spectry (Dinesh). What multiform places online did you meet your spectry and specific advice? Did you meet anything vast in your quest results? In what ways can aspects of your digital way swing specific or authoritative opportunities? How does this teach that Goffman’s dramaturgy arrival applies to one’s own digital way?  Note: It is merry if you establish very pigmy encircling yourwilful or establish multifarious websites delay mob delay your wilfulselfsame spectry. Just do your best to argue what resulted when you healed questing your spectry online. Part B: To which achieved and ascribed statuses and principal and unimportant groups do you appertain? Please frame fast to letter which statuses are ascribed or achieved and which groups are principal or unimportant in your assignment. How do these statuses and groups assume your digital way and form wilful-expression online, which in hinge forms activity chances? Please argue at lowest three statuses and at lowest two groups in sympathetic the overhead doubt. You may argue further if you ambition.  Part C: Open your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another online collective resources networking predicament. Argue how Goffman’s plea or examination on bestowal of wilful applies to how you introduce yourwilful in collective resources? What statuses and roles do you adopt to introduce on these online networking websites? Note: This is not examination you to argue your Facebook status; it is examination encircling your achieved and ascribed statuses or roles in your activity that you adopt to highlight on collective resources.  Discuss why you chose to involve those statuses, roles, and identities but not others. How does the way you are managing your wilful-bestowal on collective networking predicaments swing your specific and authoritative opportunities? NOTE: If you do not use the overhead-mentioned collective resources, interexamination someone who does and get their acceptances to tally the doubts in Part C. For this assignment, enfast you ensue the requirements below:  1. Tally ALL the doubts rolled in Part A, Part B, and Part C in your assignment.  2. Please tally the acceptance doubts in essay-diction format. You succeed not be rewriting each doubt and sympathetic it. You succeed be creating an essay that addresses the acceptance doubts. 3. Use sociological stipulations and concepts from the textbook lection in your essay to teach you recognize and can dedicate the concepts.  4. Cite the textbook at lowest one occasion in the essay. APA diction in-text citations are required to illusion how the textbook was used in your essay. An APA diction relation roll containing the textbook and any other sources you cited in the assignment is as-well required.  The essay should be a restriction of two generously generous pages and should use the ensueing APA diction components: APA diction heading page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and 12-point font.                                                             Course Textbook(s) Witt, J. (2016). SOC 2016 (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.