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Assignment Details Many universities now entertain full-time police departments on their campuses for the scope of protecting students, benefaction, staff, and visitors.  Larger universities and most set-forth university systems entertain campus police departments that are set up approve abundant metropolitan police agencies. You are an intern delay a detectives part on a elder set-forth university campus. The excluded area of the campus has tart into a pro-temp class of university city, delay bars and clubs in a village suitable beyond of the university openings. There are location bisections on the university campus itself. You are working delay a detective in the University Police Department who has been denominated as the "go to" investigator for situational sexual assaults (e.g., conclusion transgress). A girlish feminine sophomore has been rest discursive encircling in the parking lot in face of her on-campus location bisection.  The uniformed campus police entertain brought her to the place owing she appears to entertain been assaulted (there is foulness on her investment and legs, her investment is torn, and she is displaying unconnected address patterns).   Her friends from the location bisection told the uniformed police that they saw her earlier in the late in the “Student Station”, a topical bar three blocks from the main opening of the university campus. Furthermore, she was in the union of a man who was described as a Caucasian manly, environing 25 years old, and delay soon blond hair. When they saw her, she appeared to entertain been drinking heavily. Focus your discourse on the following: What temporization do you purpose for investigating what may entertain occurred? Identify in regulate of progression everything that you would do up until the conference of this virtual prey.   Explain why you would engage the actions that you chose earlier to the conference. Explain what your goals are for preparing the prey for your conference.