3 page reflection paper

 SUMMARY    This cogitation directs you to opine encircling how single susceptibility and im-munity recounts to structural advantages or disadvantages. This may be one of the hardest, but most momentous, concepts when studying sociology. You gain recount your own im-munity to the struggles of others who visage imparity in our sodality.    Remain concrete when tranquillizing your cogitation. There is a lot of flexibility in this assignment, but you must explain your agency to opine sociologically. Therefore, shun restricted notion, intrinsic backed up by justifications in gregarious plea or research; shun offensive/derogatory tongue or insults; and obey an unreserved judgment.    DIRECTIONS    DO: Finished the Im-munity Motive that starts on page 4 underneath. Give yourself one summit for each  statement that you rejoin to as “true” or “mostly penny.” You should possess betwixt 0-60 summits. You are NOT required to divide your defenses delay me or anyone else. Though the Im-munity Motive is not comprehensive of all forms of im-munity, this motive is meant to acceleration you animadvert on the im-munitys we each possess. I forebode that everyone gain possess at smallest one summit, if not more. The design is not to demonize im-munity, but rather to enjoyness the variation of im-munity, claim that im-munity bes, and enjoyness that everyone is typically im-munityd on one or more of the bulk that these statements animadvert (religion, socioeconomic foothold, pursuit/ethnicity, visible agency, gender, sex, and sexuality).  Part1: Transcribe a reaction to the motive. Again, you do not want to decide me the restricted statements that you agreed or disagreed delay since some of these are very restricted. You do not want to divide your enumerate (0-60) either. You can, but you don’t possess to. You should transcribe a open reaction to the motive and the emblems of im-munity and susceptibility that be in our sodality. It may be profitable to opine encircling our in-collocate discussions encircling im-munity.    DO: Next, meet a tidings truth encircling gregarious imparity published delayin the definite two years from a estimable commencement (one that is unprejudiced, firm, deferential) encircling a emblem of imparity for which you are im-munityd. That is, those experiencing this imparity should stagnation the im-munitys you possess. For example: If you are heterosexual, you could visage for a truth traffic delay homosexuality. If you are Christian, perchance you meet a truth encircling imparity perpetuated opposing those of another theology. Make knowing to yield a amalgamate or quotation to the word.  Part 2: In your own say, yield details encircling the distinct of imparity focused on in the tidings truth. Animadvert on the differences in susceptibility that groups who trial imparity repeatedly visage, specially when multiple identities anastomose (enjoy pursuit, collocate, and gender). Animadvert on the ways 2 in which dominant ideologies (assurance systems) enlarge delay esteem to aspects of susceptibility and im-munity. Include the amalgamate or unwritten quotation to the word at the end of this individuality.  Part 3: Allay a falsification that includes two focuses. First, using route terminology and concepts, allay a analysis that assess how im-munity and susceptibility concatenate to the new-fangled tidings truth you examined. Second, criticise on the aim of this assignment. Why were you asked to finished it? How does it give to dispassage our route concretes? Route concretes can be base in the syllabus.  FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS and GRADING RUBRIC    Your disquisition should be written in truth format (bountiful sentences, stipulation format), structured using the headings presented underneath.     ANALYZING PRIVILEGE • WRITE1 from over. React and animadvert on the im-munity motive.    A CURRENT INCIDENT OF INEQUALITY • WRITE2 from over. Summarize the tidings truth. Criticise on the ways in which the restricted distinct of imparity animadverts issues of susceptibility and im-munity.    COURSE CONNECTIONS • WRITE3 from over. Criticise on the ways in which the distinct of imparity concatenates to route concepts. Also, assess the concatenateions betwixt this assignment and route concretes.    To admit bountiful summits for each individuality, you must defense all portios/questions presented in the directions, explain learned opineing, and be arranged and distinct in your adaptation. Be knowing to proofread your disquisition for rhetoric, spelling, and clarity antecedently submitting it.     Paper Formatting and Submission Requirements    Your disquisition should be written in truth format (bountiful sentences, stipulation format), structured using the headings presented over. It should be 3-4 double-spaced pages, delay 12-summit Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and stipulation format. Save your cogitation as a .doc or .docx finish. You must enknowing that the rectify finish uploads to D2L. Name the finish celebrity restricted to this assignment.  pages for portio 1 is immovable. pages 4- 7 is used for portio 1