6-1 Fact Study: Abandon Factors Previous Next  Instructions Mr. R is a 48-year-old Hispanic man who has employmented the elapsed 10 years as a repository employmenter. He is 5'6", weighs 175 pounds, and has a waist outline of 38". At his enunciateed investigate at your duty, his rank hurry was 140/60 mm Hg. Prior to the investigate, he had fasting rank employment executed, and his leading regard procurer projects to resurvey the results delay him today. The fit indication results are as follows: a fasting plasma glucose equalize of 137 mg/dL, an HDL equalize of 27 mg/dL, LDL equalize of 247 mg/dL, a serum triglyceride equalize of 210 mg/dL. Use the aftercited prompts as guidelines conjuncture performing and adaptation your fact consider: Identify what this single is most at abandon for installed on the notification presented in this fact over. Explain the signification of this single's moment and waist bisection. Explain how this single is at increased abandon for insulin opposition. Explain little the differences betwixt hypoinsulinemia, hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia as each tell to an single delay emblem 1 diabetes mellitus and emblem 2 diabetes mellitus.    Pathology: Introduction and Identification Begin each fact consider by introducing the scenario/specific themes so that any reader would perceive what this fact consider is environing. From there, set-on-foot sympathetic prompts over. Pathology: Explanation and Project of Care Follow the rubric. You want to enunciate a project of regard for the unrepining. What counsel or regard would you procure? Procure past than 1 example Make a table for project for Pt regard Plan for the Unrepining Care    Assessment Nursing Diagnosis Patients Outcome Interventions Rationale  Evaluation of the outcome Response to Questions  Explore issues ideas and concerns as it tells to this unrepining. Integrate your own purpose processes into your responses. (Adequately discourse prompts over in the fact consider, and weigh issues, ideas, or concerns) Patient-Care Technologies Follow the rubric. Explain the role of unrepining regard technologies in caring for this unrepining. What command maintenance this unrepining? Procure contrariant Examples(i.e command be a unrepining gateway,  tele-medicine, etc.) Incorporation of Resources Multiple media best to maintenance claims Articulation of Response (APA/Mechanics) For affixed details, gladden attribute to the Fact Consider Guidelines & Rubric