Tok Knowing a Friend and Swimmin

TOK 11 summative assessment region 2 Jacqueline Blok 21/11/11 Compare and opposition skillful a companion to skillful how to swim, skillful a or-laws supposition and skillful a literal conclusion. What conclusions environing character of skillful can you extend? Thinking I knew how to swim I bounded into a pool and approximately immerseed. The one companion who was regularly tless for me, who I conceit I knew, left me extraneously a goodbye. Thinking that a inadequate year was a measurement of duration, until I had a physics adjust. I though Pearl Harbor was harmonious a movie, until we were letters environing Globe War 2 in humanities. After a while elimination these questions, to be indubitcogent in the globe we subsist in today government be a investigate. Skillful a companion would demand a association, which is engenderd through examinations after a while each other, a apprehending of the reachings of that companion and conceits that run in a deeper raze. One government fancy he/she recognizes someone very well-behaved-mannered, owing of a long-term plug resemblingity or resembling interests or tastes. However no one other than himself or herself would apprehend their own way of fancying, the workings of their own inclination, it is impracticcogent to recognize why indubitcogent resuscitations are produced by someone else. Singly glimpses and insights may be excellent up of the complexities of the mystic inclination and correspondentness of oneself. My best companion dislikes exposing her legs, owing she doesn’t reach sure abundance to parade them. This seems apexamine a dispassionate exculpate, if she is troubled after a while her mass, it would be her rare to imperil it or not, at-last deeper psychical truthors are implicated and innumercogent other argues which I would not be cogent to fancy of nor understand. The recognizeledge of another special would be chiefly engenderd out of vernacular, apprehending and agitation. A recognizeer’s apprehending of a companion’s resuscitation would be monstrous by agitations; future the recognizeledge of a companion allure be monstrous too. A apprehending of a companion may be altered when the agitations of a companion interests their resuscitations in indubitcogent situations. Vernacular has complexities too, vernacular can fabricate an strive at describing reachings, at-last this doesn’t afford a thorough apprehending of one and another. The best way to divulge reachings would be to let one examination another’s uniformts and engender their own reachings; an copy would be the countenance “you can’t haply judge what I keep been through”, “Imagine yourself in some one else’s shoes”. Considering the narrative of one, would interest their ways of acting upon situations, all humans fancy and act discorrespondent according to specialalities, which keep been shaped by all sorts of examinations in their own gone-by. Swimming is an resuscitation which demands a structured existing archetype and a well-behaved-mannered-mannered durationd concert of component motions, allowing you to excursion through insinuate, the significant key utterance less that I fix through my studys are that skillful “how” is not the correspondent as skillful “of” nor is it plug to skillful “that”. Knowing how to swim is perfectly resembling to skillful a companion. Owing one cannot haply understand how to swim by balbutiation instructions, someone could discaggravate all the documents and tenets availcogent on how to swim, and bound into a pool and immerse. For copy at one detail duration I familiar taste in ‘parkour’ I watched all the youtube videos that I could discaggravate on ‘how to parkour, discaggravate abundant tenets and tips and tricks. So one day I felt I gained abundance recognizeledge environing this acrobatic play and resolute to try it out. And what I understandt was that I could not uniform bound aggravate a ultimate bench. I am cogent to discaggravate and use concepts that I keep gained through balbutiation, at-last in this predicament I was not cogent to use the instruction stpotent abundance of “how” to parkour. Uniform though I had a dubious quantity of recognizeledge on how to parkour, I was uncogent to appropriate this recognizeledge and apprehending into truth. According to my elimination these two resuscitations swimming and parkouring demand ‘bodily-kinesthetic intelligence’ which is the power to manage to manage the movements of a mass and skillfully interact after a while a abnormity of objects. Scientific theories keep been made through studys of the globe, creativity and of manner mind. They can be recognizen through argue, vernacular and apprehending. A schoolman can purpose a supposition putrust upon apprehending and argueing and harmoniousify this supposition after a while exemplification that parades how this detail celebrity follows the predicted supposition. For copy in chemistry we did a set of tests on how contrariant metals when excited in a blaze would yield out a perversion. A conjecture was affordd and from that I knew that the blazes in-truth would transmute perversion. I recognize for a truth that when Copper Chloride is excited it allure yield out a fresh perversion, I saw this through my own eyes and as the test was general sundry durations after a while the correspondent results. Seeing out of my own eyes is examination. Through substance taught by my educator media I am trusting on a preferpotent antecedent’s recognizeledge. Also the stagnation of a vernacular can examine a supposition, for copy perfect one dies, this is a truth owing by using circumstantial argueing tless is no one less to explain us inadequately. The collection after a while skillful a literal conclusion is that it is in the gone-by and we are in the give, the recognizeledge of a literal conclusion is transmitted from the gone-by into the give through vernacular and documentation. If we keep not been sensible environing these conclusions, the give day mob would never had recognizen it existed. The skillful of a literal conclusion is installed upon recognizeing indubitcogent uniformts through exemplification from the gone-by. It is unlucky that historians cannot straightway “test” the gone-by seeing a or-laws supposition and swimming can be tested. This suggests that testing is thus an significant truthor in determining the character of recognizeledge. The demand of skillful a literal conclusion can be harmoniousified by looking at pictures or a documentary, technology aggravate the years has improved significantly the recognizeledge we recognize today environing the gone-by. Unapexamine a or-laws supposition less we can trust on apprehending, study and interpretations. To recognize a literal conclusion we must keep either been tless or trust on a preferpotent antecedent to apprise us. I at-last consider on the possibility of the antecedent substance fooled by apprehending. This is wless logic and argueing argues in to career whether or not celebrity has happened. If celebrity hadn’t happened, then why can we see exemplification of the consequences, for copy when I visited Cambodia the Angkor Wat temples I saw exemplification of literal artifacts of the monks, and until the give monks stationary subsist floating there. After a while this I can infer that these temples must keep argue from somewhere, and it is definitely a consecrated settle. After a while this we are skillful “that” celebrity happened instead of skillful “of” a companion. By identifying and because the indelicate concepts that were affordd we can argue that the main unlikeness in the character of the indelicate recognizeledge demands are the way you recognize them; skillful “how to” and skillful “that celebrity is” are thoroughly contrariant. A recognizeer allure never be cogent to recognize a companion than himself or herself, direct reachings and agitations cannot be divulged straightway and as unfair through apprehending and vernacular. Swimming can singly be understandt through apprehending, this power is not cogent to be transmitted linguistically, but must be understandt primitive index through inoculation. A literal conclusion in duration can be recognizen by a special who has subsistd through that duration and has transmitted the recognizeledge gained through linguistical media, at-last the recognizeledge could be misleading due to apprehending or the truths of the conclusion are inthorough providing singly one aspect of the fiction. A or-laws supposition may be discovered and examinen through multiform tests and studys via apprehendings and argue. At-last despatch of this detail supposition via vernacular does not keep the correspondent result as the apprehending of it. Emotions can interest apprehending vernacular cannot alienate pointed meanings and assumptions to classify from unfair points can be fix through operation. Due to these ways of skillful substance scant, thorough recognizeledge is uncogent to be attained. Contrariant demands requiring contrariant ways of skillful to harmoniousify them, they keep all keep one romance in common; their character: they are installed on antecedent that we recognize in perfect day vitality as substance ‘true’ and hence subtract that installed on these antecedent, they are equivalent gentleman. We recognize celebrity as far as we are allureing to recognize it into our globe.