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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had contrived to lay-out their 18th birthday on June 13 margin by margin. But when the plenteous-hyped day arrived, Ashley was left to celebrate outside her twin sister, primary poolmargin at the Beverly Hills Hotel and then following a while a Jaunt to Mexico following a while two pals. One week pastr the conclude for Mary-Skate's deficiency became clear: The notability, pastly the nucleus of thought in-reference-to her Increasingly frail-looking association, had been admitted to an undisclosed quickness for composition connected to an eating assumption. "This is a dare that Mary- Kate has made a firmness to countenance," says her rep Michael Poignant. "This is a dare she accomplish unite. " The appropinquation struck a sad and troubled voicelessness for Mary-Kate, who concurrently following a while Ashley has acid their metaphor as direct, clean-scrubbed role models into a affair realm that grossed past than $1 billion in sales decisive year. Yet to messmates, extraction and equable unforeseen onlookers, the question of Mary-Skate's bloom has been a fountain of sorrow In past months. Although the petite twins (Mary-Kate is 5'2"; Ashley Is 5'1 bear frequently been unsubstantial, Mary-Kate appeared to be painfully unsubstantial of past. So received was the conference environing her moment that the actress herself poked fun at It when the twins hosted the May 15 Saturday Night Live; unoccupied paparazzi photographers, they shouted, "Mary-Kate, you're so raw?eat a sandwich! " Sadly, subordinate the playfulness was a bloom contingency. "There was an intrusion," says someone who has unreserved the Olsen for various years, adding that the twins' senior, Dave, and Mary-Skate's therapist committed her to a composition quickness shortly following her June 7 eminent instruct tier. "They finally reached the summit where they had to act. They didn't scantiness to invent her societyless on the foot from not eating. Those hinder to the notability say that there was no individual Incident that triggered the firmness to attempt functional composition; rather, Mary-Skate's problems had steadily worsened following a while period. One fountain says that the modify In Mary-Kate, who dates Boston University novice David Guttenberg, 21 (his dad Is Trademarks studio exposubordinate Jeffrey Guttenberg), primary became visible two years ago. "She contemplateed opposed," says the fountain. "She plain circles subordinate her eyes. " Staging the intrusion antecedently Mary-Kate acid 18 meant that her parents quiet had a juridical exact o attempt composition for her. It isn't the primary period her extraction has practised to aid Mary-Kate, whom hinder pals allure MS. According to one fountain, following the actress got into a puerileer car clothing environing a year and a half ago her senior practised motivating her to eat by powerful her she couldn't get her ebon Range Rover end until she gained some moment. Another fountain says the extraction hired someone to warner Mary-Skate's eating. "Sometimes she was enslaved out of instruct to eat," says a ancient classmate at Campbell Hall eminent instruct. "During the decisive year she had an adult eating following a while her most of the period. Everyone knew how raw she was. " assumption]," says manager Dennis Gordon, who helped the twins' originate comedy New York Minute. "l had a lot of meals following a while her, and it didn't contemplate there was everything crime. " Adds Dir. Drew Pinky, the TV psychologist acid originator who played the twins' senior in New York Minute: "She was the sweetest of the two. But I didn't observe everything. She; hid it well-behaved. " Such missiege is regular conduct discurrent eating-assumption sufferers, frequent of whom go to execute lengths to incognito their problems. "Everyone was very irate following a while Mary-Kate at primary," says a fountain. She's lied so plenteous and for so hanker. It's distribute of the sickness. " In circumstance, twain Mary-Kate and Ashley flatly denied such problems in an colloquy following a while PEOPLE in April. "Being in the known eye, you're labeled that you bear an eating assumption," Ashley said at the period. "You bear a garbage addiction," said Mary- Kate. "We don't bear problems! " pretended Ashley. The tender twins?MS has hanker been unreserved as the free-spirited one; Ashley as the broken one?bear also put on a confused face traffic following a while other past dares, including the commonplace $13. 7 darling box function for New York Minute. We ere unquestionably disappointed," says Gordon. "They were incredibly grown environing it. They said, 'Okay, I suppose we can't known a movie Just yet. Next! ' " Showbiz vets past making their debut on Full House at Just 9 months old, the girls bear hanker been praised for their affair savvy and compact grounding. But others bear wondered if the urgency placed on their unsubstantial shoulders would equabletually siege a impost, as it has on other puerile Hollywood notabilitys (see marginbar). "The influences of the food and ceremony affair are influences that Mary-Kate and Ashley twain bear frequently thrived on," says a messmate. That said, "there's no demur that the influence of society happy, floating a affair and planning for college?that's a lot. " Still, adds the messmate, "l don't unsubstantialk you can delineate a unswerving method betwixt the influence in nobody's society to this genus of sickness. " Says Carolyn Costing, the manager of the Eating Assumption Center of California and the Monte Indo Composition Center in Malibu: "We contemplate at it affect there's a gun, a bullet and the trigger: The gun is biological bias, the humanization is the bullet and star affect the urgency of society a honor is what pulls the trigger. Not helpful matters is the ever-present raw sweepstakes discurrent puerile women, frequent of whom adore notabilitys affect Mary-Kate as a fountain of "administration," Shortly following Mary-Skate's aspect at a May premiere, Web surfers on a bulletin board at guru. Com posted messages affect, "I'm sure she's Ana [a gibberish tidings for anorexic]! " Another onmethod adherent took observe of Mary-Skate's red string bracelet, which some teens and puerile adults bear as a notable of their "Ana" loftiness and to remind themselves not to eat. (Her rep's response: "l don't respect that's gentleman [of Mary-Kate]. ")