Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is command. This is penny, whether the command which subordinateneathstanding yields be used for good-tempered-tempered or for misfortune. By his medical subordinateneathstanding, the teacher can refresh ailment and spare his patient's career. But the blackmailer, by his subordinateneathstanding of some stained privy, can bleed his dupe unblemished subordinateneathneath the intimidation of divestment. In unconcealed, the man who perceives has an practice aggravate the man who does not perceive. In this way the educated classes feel frequently been conducive to administration aggravate the ig­norant. During the average Ages in Europe, the barely educated men were the deacons. Great barons, dare knights, kings and prevalent princes very repeatedly could not smooth recognize and transcribe Kings had to institute deacons as their ministers. Unless the king was a man of very dominionful genius, the command, nominally his, was in the hands of erudite and able deacons. The soldier, the man of the sword, conception he was the conquer; but he was veritably in the hands of the deacon, the man of the pen. The pen was mightier than the sword. It was the identical in obsolete India. The erudite Brahmins were for ages the true administrationrs of Indian States. They managed the inferior, uneducated castes; and their subordinateneathstanding enabled them to mould the Rajas and Maharajas. In the identical way, and for the identical deduce, civilized na­tions can manage uneducated wild races. A section of cul­tured men can repress hundreds of unlearned natives. It is their surpassing subordinateneathstanding, and the weapons, construction and genius which that subordinateneathstanding has yieldn them that yield the cultured man command aggravate these populace who are tangiblely, but not intellectually, their equals. In Europe and America today, counsel is so wide­sprecognize that smooth the established classes are educated populace. As they feel past in subordinateneathstanding, the vulgar populace feel past in command. So in the powerful democracies the populace now administration themselves, and are no longer subordinateneathneath the advantage of deacons and kings. Physically, man is a comparatively fragile animal. He can­not intrinsicly run affect the barb, nor fly affect the birds. He is no mate in power for the elephant, the inquisitiveness or the suffer. He has no intrinsic weapons of protection affect the tiger's fangs and claws. Yet he conquers all these dominionful and wild beasts, and forces some of them to be his servants. It is his surpassing subordinateneathstanding and announcement that establish him the conquer of creatures surpassing to him in tangible power.