Solution for ACL Interrogation 100% Punish http://img220. imageshack. us/i/acllabc. jpg/ A strengthening wants to add pawn to its network. The requirements are: y y y y Army C shoulb be potent to use a web browser(HTTP)to bearing the Finance Web Server Other images of bearing from army C to the Finance Web Server should be blocked. All acces from armys in the Core or topical LAN to the Finance We b Server should be blocked All armys in the Core and topical LAN should be potent to acces the Plublic Web Server. You feel been tasked to constitute and dedicate a estimated acces schedule to a equalnear outbound interface. o more three propositions that meets these requirements . corp1(config)#access-schedule 100 encourage tcp army (army discourse) army (finance web server discourse) eq 80 corp1(config)#access-schedule 100 oppose ip any army (finance web server discourse) Corp1(config)# bearing-schedule 100 encourage ip any any Corp1(config)#int fa0/1 Corp1(config-if)#ip bearing-clump 100 out Corp1(config-if)#end Corp1#copy run set-on-foot Q. 1 Which IPsec pawn protocol should be used when confidentiality is required? A. PSK B. AH C. MD5 D. ESPokreponse: www. isaserver. com A, B, D ... se referer. Q. 7 Which proposition is gentleman, as relates to classful or classnear routing? A. Automatic summarization at classful boundries can agent problems on discontinuous subnets B. EIGRP and OSPF are classful routing protocols and embody routes by want C. RIPv1 and OSPF are classnear routing protocols D. Classful routing protocols bestow the subnet hide in routing updates Answer: A Which three propositions encircling RSTP are gentleman? /25 et crossaggravate Reponse 3 Interrogation 11 as unfoldionn aggravatehead. what is the opinion notation for the IPV6 Discourse B514:82C3:0000:0000:0029:EC7A:0000:EC72 a) B514:82C3:0029:EC7A:EC72 b) B514:82C3::0029:EC7A:EC72 c) B514:82C3:0029::EC7A:0000:EC72 d) 14:82C3::0029:EC7A:0:EC72 NONE OF THESE ARE RIGHT! Am I forfeiture bigwig?! @Adeel Khan, how can your confutation be fit when the 2nd to definite clump of hex (0000) is thoroughly omitted and you can barely use naught compression ONCE in an IPv6 discourse! A punish confutation would behold enjoy B514:82C3::29:EC7A:0:EC72 if you used all availpotent naught compression and requisite naught ru les. D is closest but somehow it doesn¶t unfoldion B5 in the excellentest hex clumping. This cannot be an express interrogation. Q. 15 What treasure is largely used to mention which enjoyn becomes the spring enjoyn on each nonspring switch in a pning-tree topology? A. ort pre-eminence estimate and MAC discourse B. last enjoyn MAC discourse C. course consume D. VTP variation estimate E. excellentest enjoyn pre-eminence estimate Answer: C Q. 16 Two switches are conjoined through a tunk couple. Which two charges unfoldion that there is a inbred VLAN antagonist on that couple? (Choose two) A. unfoldion interfaces switchhaven B. unfoldion interface shaft C. unfoldion vlan slight D. unfoldion interfaces vlan E. unfoldion interfaces interface A ET B y y 1. which two axioms single-mindedness algorithms are commbarely used in vpn solutions? Ans : HMAC-SHA-1 AND RSA y 2. which pariring reflects a punish protocol and metric correlativeness? ns : ripv2 and estimate of hops y 3. a network admin insufficiencys to for enjoyn pawn on a switch..... ans : the network admin can for static protect or glutinous protect mac discoursees in the opinion vlan the glutinous scholarship indication allows the union of dynamically knowing discoursees to the present figure y 4. the network technician is planning to use the 255. 255. 255. 224 subnet hide on the.... ans: 10. 17. 64. 34 10. 16. 33. 98 172. 22. 243. 190 y 5. propositions A, B,C AND D of ACL 10 feel been entered... ans: CDBA y y 6. hich three approaches can be used opportunity migrating from an ipv4 discourseing plan to an ipv6 plan (3 ans) ans: use dhcpv6 to map ipv4 discoursees to ipv6 discoursees for ipv4 tunnels betwixt ipv6 islands enpotent dual-stack routing y 7. which three propositions abot vtp .... ans: vtp pruning is used to extension availpotent bandwidth in shaft couples client, server and diaphanous are conclusive vtp jurisdictions each dispersed eavow on a switch can feel its own equalnear vtp estate. y y y y y 8. which three elements must be used when you for a router interface for vlan truniking... ans: a government eavow for each subinterface ubinterface encapsulation identifiers that equal vlan tags one ip network or subnetwork for each subinterface ------------------------------------------------- 9. which two propositions delineate the advanateges to the use of rip aggravate ospf? ans: rip is near many-sided to for rip uses near bandwidth ------------------------------------------------- 10. what are three benefits of implementing vlans? ans: vlans form it eaiser for IT staff to for.... a excellent plane of network sec..... dispersed storms can be powerless by increasing.... 11. coxcombical want seetings, how can you expunge the vtp axiomsbase of vlans on..... ns: from unamstrengthen jurisdiction, expunge the vlan. dat rasp, then reinculpate 12. which two avows are the enjoyn avows when rstp has cconverged? ans: forwarding and scholarship 13. what are two benefits of using NAT? ans: NAT eliminates the insufficiency to re-address..... NAT protects network pawn becuase not-public neworks are...... 14. which two cisco ios charges, used in troubleshooting can enpotent debug output to a contingent residuum?? ans:exhibition logging | redirect flash:output. txt snmp-server enpotent traps syslog 15. which constituent of vpn technology ensures that axioms is unaltered betwixt the bestower and berth? ns:key exchnage 16. which cisco ios diagnostics charge can distrupt the production of a router below excellent inculpate conditions? ans unfoldion processes cpu 17. you are working in a axioms core...... 10. 188. 31. 0/23..... ans: 10. 188. 31. 0/27 18. coxcombical the want switch figure.... exteneded vlan ramble (1006 to 4094) on switch 3750? ans: for the switch to be in vtp diaphanous jurisdiction. 19. which ciso ios charge can acceleration to dertermine the timing of diversified debug events, not-absolute to each other when you are debugging a perplexed router conclusion? ans: benefit timestamps log dateime msec 20. network admin receives an fault communication opportunity enigmatical to for the ethernet interface of a router after a while ip discourse 10. 24. 24. 24/29 which statment explains the argue for this conclusion? ans: vlsm cappotent routing protocols must be qualifyd excellentest on the router. 21. which parameters are used to proportion ospf consume in cisco routers? ans: bandwidth, mtu, reliability, failure and inculpate 22. which three are characteristics of an ipv6 anycast discourse? ans: one-to-nearest communicaiton jurisdictionl the corresponding discourse for multiple inventions in the clump introduction of packets to the clump interface that is closest to the bestowing invention 3. on which options are measure bearing schedules installed? ans: beginning discourse and wildcard hide 24. which two statics answer in unfoldion produce recruitment map output ans: the ip discourse of the topical router the treasure of the topical dlci 25. which encapsulation image is a produce recruitment encapsulation image that is befriended by cisco routers? ans : hdlc 26. which ipv6 routing protocol uses multicast clump ff02::9 to bestow updates? ans: RIPng 28. which ipsec pawn protocol should be used when confidentiality is reqiured? ans: ESP 29. hich protocol is an disclosed measure protocol producework that is commbarely used in vpns to afford protect end to end communications? ans: IPSEC 30. when you are troubleshooting an acl conclusion on a router, which charge can acceleration you to demonstrate which interfaces are affcted by the acl? ans: unfoldion ip bearing-lists 31. what is the pi ofusing the benefit password encryption charge? ans: it conquer encrypt all present and coming passwords. 32. which charge is certain to encourage ssh or telnet bearing to a cisco swithc that is oterwise ford for these vty row protocols? ans: transhaven input all 33. efer to the unfold. An attack to oppose web bearing to a subnet blocks...... ACL 102? ans: no ip bearing-clump 102 in 34. which flake 2 protocl encapsulation image supports contemporary andasynchrounous circuits and has built in pawn arrangements? ans: ppp 35. when using the cli which model displays a communication upon integral intercourse that is made into the router? Ans: MOTD 36. which statment is gentleman, as relates to classful or classnear routing? ans: classful routing protocols bestow the subnet hide in routing updates. 37. which two propositions encircling using the CHAP evidence arrangement in a ppp....? ns: CHAP uses a two-way handshape CHAP evidence is performed barely upon couple community. 38. which three propositions accurately delineate flake 2 ethernet switches? (3 ans) ans: a. Microsegmentation decreases the estimate of collisions on the network b. switches that are ford after a while VLANs form forwarding decisions installed on twain flake and flake 3... c. In a right functioning network after a while reduandant switched courses, each switched member conquer comprise onre... forwarding avow. All other switches in that dispersed eavow conquer feel barely one spring enjoyn.