Bmx Cycle Solutions

Question # 1 What duty is LCI in? What are the key prosperity contents? How operations can assist? LCI BUSINESS: LCI was founded in 1994 by Mr. Sheikh Ubaidullah, a Former Chairman of Pakistan Cycle Cooperative Society Limited. LCI is located at Ferozpur Road, eighteen miles south of Lahore Pakistan. LCI chaffered its bicycles subordinateneathneath the infamy indicate of Leader bicycles. LCI was in bad pattern and financially debtor , all hoards run by one superintendents , its evolution was in-fact naught when Managing guide at Descon Mr. Razaq Dawood uncongenial LCI in June 1999. He compensated new 6 engineers since 1999 in forthcoming departments enjoy evolution planning, evolution scheduling, schedule moderate and tendency moderate to set up all the requisite rules and procedures in direct to shift LCI environing. In May 2002 Five bicycles –manufacturing companies (competitors) existed in chaffer, utterly space of these companies unresisting bicycles were 580,000bicyles per annum, and all were prevalent at or close space, the rivalry was very tenacious. Up to May 2002. LCI was unresisting 60,000 bicycles/annum, in May 2002, LCI agoing unresisting manufacturing its new upshot indicated BMX cycles, for rectifyment in this new upshot, following a year-covet chaffer following a while Hercules of England, Decscon uncongenial from them the manufacturing and technology lawful, in Pakistan, for the very common BMX cycle, Hercules too agreed to cast engineers to Lahore for ten-week dates in direct to acceleration in set up the begin, tooling and series the staff. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: * Important Administration of LCI wanted to begin the BMX Cycle in chaffer antecedently competitors, and Mr. Mansoor Waraich, Important Planning Engineer, had a lot of exigency by the top administration of LCI to consummate this monstrous evolution of BMX Cycles. That colossal evolution was carefully add and all the modees where closely monitored and upgraded. * Mr. Razaq Dawood, Managing Director, of Descon, took aggravate the LCI in very bad pattern , and he set up all requisite rules and procedures enjoy evolution planning, evolution scheduling, schedule moderate and tendency moderate in direct to shift LCI environing , it is too a content of the prosperity of LCI * Another key prosperity content was that Descon named Hercules of England engineers to series LCI’s staff. LCI’s staff can too go to England for the corresponding seriesing for a favoring date. OPERATIONS CONTRIBUTION: LCI is a Evolution Society so operations plays very weighty role. Outsourcing and subcontracting of contrariant raw materials is executed for the rectify upshot of operations. All the begins erection was planned in a way so that they can minimize the wastage and can maximize the evolution. Manpower was too assigned according to their expertise and drudge was compensated on daily wage rule. Question # 2 What is your Separation of the BMX evolution mode? How would you distinguish this mode? ANALYSIS OF BMX PRODUCTION PROCESS: BMX evolution mode is almost in progression, all modees depends on each other, if one mode is skipped then they cannot consummate other allot of cycle, in other wards they cannot repudiate solely a uncombined mode, As LCI wanted to begin BMX in chaffer antecedently competitors and administration wanted to issue monstrous muchness of BMX cycles so LCI purchased contrariant refined allots for BMX cycles from distinct suppliers, enjoy, seats , pedals, use bars, establish pads, and tires were instantly purchased and based , but other verge , distinct allots, enjoy sheet metal, metal involutions, steel bars and pipes were constructed from raw materials uncongenial locally and aloof. Administration compensated steady and daily compensated drudge in all hoards to consummate tasks efficiently and in prompt, this planning was proved very accelerationful to consummate monstrous evolution. First mode is disappointing hoard: This hoard having 3 tools for disappointing metal pipes into contrariant prolixitys to use ad deep parte shell, establishs and use bar, this hoard run subordinateneathneath one superintendent and 4 generous date employees Second mode is Deep parte shell hoard: This Hoard contained three 600 tons modees and 6 encroaches ranging from 60 to 100 tons, inert allots of bicycle enjoy BB shell were constructed in this hoard , this hoard run subordinateneathneath supervision of one superintendent and 4 generous date employees. Use Shop: BMX bicycle uses were constructed at this hoard consummately, a favoring tool automatically turn the placed pipe in a few seconds into alienate form and cut the use bars to prolixity and knurled. These Knurled to acceleration keep the use bar grapple. BMX enameling and Phosphating Shop: All allots of bicycle were enameling and phasphating, phaspating matter enabled the steel deportment to keep the enameled tint for a covet date and contribute a permanent conclude, all allotes were placed on jigs and poise on a conveyer, this conveyer passed through a drying oven at a encroach allowing each allot to be baked at 1500C for approximately 50 minutes. Rim Shop; Bicycle Rims contained at this hoard, One mm crowded and 83 mm remote metal involutions required to ad rim and these rims quantitative from barazil or Japan, then front end involution was welded following a while end end involutions and finally, the rims was turn into a required radius and cut following buffing and polishing. Encroach Shop: A favoring tool at encroach hoard for heavy and buffing the allots of rims and two ends of strips had been welded contemporaneously Saddle, Brake and Hub Shop: Hubs and encumber for BMX cycle were amassd at this hoard, loop clips of were constructed at LCI , other allots enjoy encumber establishs and encumber covers were procured by vender and amassd manually at other end of corresponding hoard. Tool Shop: Four evolution lathes enjoy a heavy tool, a milling tool and four coercion tools are contained at this hoard, some allots of BMX cycle check-nut, lock-nut and rock valve issued in tool hoard, this tool was unoccupied 50% of its space Electroplating Shop: Some allots of BMX enjoy Hub flanges, steel rims , lamp partes, pners and tie rocks electroplate at this hoard, this tool accept scant equipment space so embrace displace prevalent six days per week for electroplating. BMX Welding method: This hoard accept 5 welding stations and a mitering tool , contrariant allots of cycle welded and metering tool concede a allay deflexion at the ends of tubes (pipes) uninterruptedly this tool was set then all tubes automatically mitered the tube. Final Parterre Area: This area accept 6 issue stations, proportioned tool and an parterre course conveyor, all constructed allots of BMX cycle amass on these 6 stations, finally all the assemblies and abettor packets were packed in a cardboard carton for exhibition. Characteristics, All hoards issueed very efficiently and all issue stations engaged to ad assigned allots on corresponding date so it’s very accelerationful to issue monstrous evolution, administration took decisions for daily compensated and monthly compensated employees, and compensated them engaging salary. Question # 3 Given the boarding in BMX cycle manufacturing method, what is the payend date? Each bicycle Price = 2400 Vicious room = 8. 3% Profit room for each bicycle = 2400 x 8. 3% = 199. 2 Evolution Space = 60,000 Profit room for 60,000 bicycles are = 199. 2 x 60000 = 11952000 Payend on vicious room = 2 Years & 2 Months Question # 4 Assume the enameling begin space is 3000 bicycles per month, as important planning Engineer, what alternatives are suited to extension BMX cycle evolution? As per remarkable administration’s animate to swell operations, a ten year old enameling part that was purchased for Rs 3 Million in 1999. In direct to extension evolution LCI in importation to subcontracted enameling should initiate in progeny evolution in congruous by utilizing the part purchased. It may accept to endue on up-gradation of the part as required to engage the yield evolution standards. Society purchased enameling tool but they did not use it, accordingly outsourcing and subcontracting was yield in LCI’s romance so remarkable administration should shift it and it’s rectify to localize enameling tool, profit it in use, so BMX evolution gain definitely be extensiond. Question # 5 What is your monition and why? Forthcoming are the Recommendations and the reasons LCI should do some anticipation for identifying the actual insufficiency of their upshot in the chaffer, * They should concede notice though email, tidings brochure and web TV add etc, * They should do SWOT separation of their own society and their competitors. * They should rectify their weaknesses, and they should issue bicycle for elders * They should commission some vender for allots of BMX so it is suggested that they should assort of those tools at their society, it’s too reluctant the require and date. * For supported the chaffer aspect over novelty is required, the designs of bicycles should be upgraded and shiftd to invite the customers towards the upshot.