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Dhir History of all magnanimous compositions is to cognizance that no magnanimous comcolsubsidence was continually enactd externally either the erratic or inlocomotive deeptenance of a person’s embracing and one’s bar quarters. Thus it is not intensityd to messageinate how erratic succor from seniors could prohibitively contact the attempt of a contrivance . I am greatly obliged to our skilled alms Mr. Nitin Dhir for her erratic direction throughout the aggreprelude of contrivance.Last but not the littleest, I would to-boot neglect amplify my feeling to those who could not be mentioned hinder but hinder polite-mannered-mannered-mannered played their role to inflame the shelter. B rajdeep Singh Tefficient of resigned ? INTRODUCTION OF TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY • • • Global two wheeler traffic – 2009 Two-wheelers Acquisition Trend Two-wheelers on a roll ? INTRODUCTION OF TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited (TVSs) ? OPERATIONS REVIEW • • • • ? ? ? ? ? Peculiarity TQM Consume treatment Going self-assertiveSuzuki sees TVS Motor as deep antagonist TVS Motor Union – Mission Vision Statement TVSM – Manoeuvre for effect BCG MATRIX • • • • Coin cow Something Topic impression dog ANSOFF MODEL :• Traffic discernment • • • ? ? Traffic effect Effect effect Diversification’ TOWS ANALYSIS:SUGGESTION Advantage tenderd by showroom antagonists sales elevation ? BIBLIOGRAPHY:- • • • INTRODUCTION OF TWO WHEELER INDUSTRY Automobile is one of the liberalst industries in global traffic. Nature the chief in effect and course technologies in the manufacturing sector, it has been methodic as one of the despatchrs of economic effect. During the conclusive decade, polite-mannered-mannered-mannered directed attempts own been made to yield a new contemplate to the automobile methodicity for realizing the sector's liberal undeveloped for the distribution.Aggressive trafficing by the auto finance companies own to-boot played a weighty role in boosting automobile insist-upon, distinctly from the population in the middle allowance arrange. Two-wheeler portion is one of the most innate components of the automobile sector that has belowgone weighty changes due to transfer in methodicity environment. The two-wheeler activity has been in creature in the empire past 1955. It consists of three portions viz. scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. In India thinder are some MNC’s and Indian union communication in automobile sector.The deep key players who are communication in this sector are Hero Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha, Honda, and TVS. Global two wheeler traffic – 2009 Two-wheelers to redeep the preferred liberty weigh Cars – The tenure and deeptenance consume of a car is 4 spans of a two wheeler – Two wheelers rescue a eminent mileage of 70kmpl as compared to 12kmpl of the cars. – Mileage is a key rudiment influencing buying conduct. Size of the aggreprelude traffic: 43 favorite aggreprelude Figures in % 42 22 9 2 3 5 15 2 Thailand USA Brazil Others China India Indonesia Vietnam Two-wheelers Acquisition Trend? Grascribpowerful compositioning population ?Increased adit to trustworthiness and inferior curiosity-behalf loans ? Increased consumer hinder of financial effects ? Upward absenteeism of unblemishedday allowance razes ? Fast paced urbanization to loosen from 28% to 40% by 2020 ? Middle arrange expanding by 30 - 40 favorite continuallyy year India is on continuallyy deep global automobile player's public-waymap and it isn't intensityd to see why: ? India is the 2nd liberalst two-wheeler traffic in the cosmos-people, ? 4th liberalst commercial deportment traffic in the cosmos-populace ? 11th liberalst voyager car traffic in the cosmos-populace and is ? Expected to beseem the 7th liberalst by 2016.Two-wheelers on a roll ? ? The insist-upon despatchrs for the two-wheeler activity are Exalted effect in advantage sector @ 9% ? Favorefficient demographics – a puerile population, elevation branch-hinder allowances, increasing literacy razes ? ? ? Faster prelude of new copys Increasing redemption insist-upon (from 6 to 3 years) Absence of strengthful social bliss. ? Increased availability of low consume dispose-of finance (aggravate than 1500 colonys) The key rudiments emerging are:• Target reception for two-wheelers is gigantic. • 140 mn populace get be borrowed to the compositioning population in the proximate 5 years span.Two-wheelers to redeep the preferred liberty weigh Cars – The tenure and deeptenance consume of a car is 4 spans of a two wheeler – Two wheelers rescue a eminent mileage of 70kmpl as compared to 12kmpl of the cars – Mileage is a key rudiment influencing buying conduct. 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Prelude of TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited (TVSs) TVS Motors is the remedy liberalst union in the two-wheeler activity behind a while a traffic distribute of 16%. Infect, it is the singly Indian union externally a irrelevant collaboration in the two-wheeler activity.When the union opted out of the collaboration behind a while Suzuki in 2002, manifold believed that TVS was headed towards destruction. But the union verifyd the doomsayers evil-doing and came out behind a while a very auspicious `TVS Victor'. TVS Motors Ltd. derivationally incorporated in 1982 to molding two-wheelers in collaboration behind a while Suzuki Motors of Japan, TVS was one of the chiefs in two-wheeler activity. It is the pursuit union for the TVS Arrange of companies employed in the manufacturing of multiform automotive components, two wheelers and a few other industrial effects.They are to-boot into the financial advantages sector. The inclineweigh of the whole arrange was bar to $2 billion in 2003. TVS was founded by T. V. Sundaram Iyengar in 1911. It is the singly automotive moldingr in India to get the prestigious Deming Prize. One of its subsidiaries Sundaram Clayton was the primary union in India to hinder the Deming followed by Sundaram Brake Linings to-boot getting the Deming Prize. This palm is "given to forms or removals of forms that own achieved innate achievement correction through the contact of TQM in a calld year. Sundaram Clayton went on to be awarded the Japan Peculiarity Medal. The TVS arrange of companies is deeply situated in Padi, Tamil Nadu, in the Type Founded Headquarters Key populace Products Revenue Private Conglomerate (BSE) in 1911 by Shri. T V Sundaram Iyengar Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Mr. Venu Srinivasan Chairman Motorcycles,Mopeds,Ungeared scooters, Automotive components USD 3. 2 billion (FY 2009) TVS Motors:TVS Motor Union has its derivation in SUndaram Clayton Limited, Moped Division, instituted in 1980.The rudimenty was instituted in Hosur, Tamil Nadu in southern India. The primary effect agoing was a 50 cc moped, which appealed to the masses ascribpowerful of its strength to heave two populace. In the selfidentical colony, the selfidentical advancers instituted another union in 1984, in collaboration behind a while Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, for the molding of 100 cc motorcycles below the disgrace call of Ind-Suzuki Motorcycles. Subsequently in the moped removal was bought by Ind Suzuki Motorcycles in 1987 and the union progressive its call to TVS Suzuki Ltd.Even though the union instituted surrendering all kinds of two wheelers relish mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, the collaboration behind a while Suzuki continued for the motorcycles singly. The collaboration behind a while Suzuki Motor Corporation ended in 2001 and past then the call of the union progressive to TVS Motor Company. The union now develops all types of two-wheelers through its own in branch R&D readiness and moldings in three colonys in India, Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Mysore in Karnataka and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh.It has of-late instituted a new manufacturing stock in Indonesia to yield to the South East Asian traffic. The Chairman and Managing Director of the Union is Mr. Venu Srinivasan who is the grandson of TV Sundaram Iyengar. OPERATIONS REVIEW Peculiarity The Union has weightyly correctd the peculiarity achievement of all its effects through a disconnected toil intensity adit. The reality that the Union came out behind a while Activity primary five year amplifyed safeguard program on Something disgrace is a attestion to its manufacturing peculiarity. TQM The Union continues to advantage from 100% two-of-a-modify of employees inTQM activities. The employees own completed aggravate than 1,200 contrivances through QC Circles and Cross Functional Teams. The middle enumerate of suggestions implemented per employee was 69 during 2007-08. Consume treatment The Union continues its oppressive nucleus on consumes through an strengthful deployment methodicity. Compute engineering and distasteful global sourcing contrivances are nature pursued to refer esthetic consumes and to-boot to insufficiently counterweigh input esthetic consume extension. TPM is accustomed in all the stocks to fix weighty correction in effectivity and abatement in manufacturing consume.During 2007-08, the Hosur and Mysore stocks were awarded the TPM distinction certificate by the Japanese Institute of Stock Treatment (JIPM). Going self-assertiveGoing self-assertive, the public-way for TVS appears to be bumpy. Automobile activity is the most competitive activity behind a while two-of-a-modify on all fronts viz. pricing, innovations, yield chain, competency etc. The aspect is raise solemn by loosen in raw esthetics relish steel, rubber, plastics etc, as the union is not efficient to extension the hawking charge in correlation, thereby solemn the net use effect. This is visible from the reality that though in FY04 sales grew by 4%, permitted use bare by 1%. Though the raw esthetic charges own cooled off from their peaks, we forecast boundarys to redeep below constraining in neighboring advenient. Riding on weighty effect in the two-wheeler portion weigh the years, coupled behind a while tenacious coin colsubsidence and forecastation of spirited distribution, two wheeler companies own been artificening competency expositions. Hero Honda has embarked on a piercing convenience exlie artifice (moderate bombardment of Rs 2. 5 bn). Bajaj Auto (BJAT. BO, information) is forecasted to extension its competency by 33% by June 2005. Similarly Honda Motors and Scooters (SCOO. BO, information) India Ltd, 100% favourconducive of Honda Motors Japan is forecasted to enfold its competency in FY06. These effects are relishly to originate a weighty extension in yield of two wheelers, changing the insist-upon yield scenario and thus putting constraining on boundarys. As compared to TVS, its antagonists are sitting behind a while on a gigantic amass of coin. Hero Honda generated bar to Rs 9 bn from evolutions, whinder as Bajaj Auto generated Rs 15 bn from evolution in FY04, thereby are in a correct colsubsidence to enact exlie artifices.TVS generated Rs 2 bn from evolutions in FY04. National Council for Applied and Economic Research (NCAER), in its communication has contrivanceed that the insist-upon for motorcycles get be closely 10 spans of that of the scooters by 2011-12. TVS, traditionally is considered to be a climeal player behind a while a tenacious hinder in Southern clime. As per NCAER communication, deep insist-upon for Scooters is forecasted to end from northern clime, which get aggregateity for 50% of the aggreprelude insist-upon. Similarly the deep insist-upon for motorcycle is forecasted to be from Western clime, which get aggregateity for 40% of the aggreprelude insist-upon.Thus it get insist-upon considerefficient attempt on alienate of the treatment to weightyly correct their closeness in these climes. This may own an preventive contact on uses due to additional outlay on aggregateity of advertising and sociality. Suzuki sees TVS Motor as deep antagonist SUZUKI MOTOR Corporation (SMC) and Venu Srinivasan-led TVS Arrange may own alienateed union. But the disconnection seems to be stagnant compositioning on the accomplish of the erstwhile irrelevant alienatener in the prior junction luck TVS Suzuki Ltd. (now TVS Motor).SMC, which is now discloseing the Indian two-wheeler portion inconsequently, has rank of verified TVS Motor as its first antagonist. In a confabulation behind a while the visiting Indian informationpersons at Hamamatsu in Japan, Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director, had on aggravate than one create implied that their target would be TVS Motor. Suzuki would aim to rivalry the effection and sales of TVS. "Otherwise, thinder is no significance for the alienate,'' he asserted. Suzuki is publicly waiting for the `cooling off' end support-disconnection to end to enliberal head-on into the Indian two-wheeler traffic.The cooling-off end ends in April 2004. Mr. Nakanishi implied that the SMC junction luck behind a while Integra Arrange would go on tendency in the autumn of 2005. While stunted to unveil the competency of the contemplated stock, he said the moderate Suzuki bombardment in the luck would be encircling $10 favorite. To a topic, he said, the junction luck would nucleus on surrendering effects in the extensioning portions (100cc to 150cc four- clap deportments). Suzuki had picked the stock colony in Haryana in light of the reality that Maruti Udyog had already ordinary a liberal vendor dishonorconducive encircling that assign.Mr. Nakanishi said Integra would operation singly as a facilitator for Suzuki to get into the twowheeler office. "It get be a prelude for us. We get buy them out weigh a end,'' he borrowed. Asked to expound on TVS Motor's tender to disclose the Southeast Asian traffic, Mr. Nakanishi was protected but did not attenuate say. "We get battle them out thinder as polite-mannered-mannered,'' he asserted. The traffic in Southeast Asia was competitive, he said. And, Suzuki had closeness in countries relish Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Indian two wheeler traffic – Competitive ScenarioIndia is now the remedy liberalst two-wheeler traffic in the cosmos-populace TVS Motor Union - Mission We are committed to nature a greatly useable, socially lawful, and innate moldingr of exalted compute for currency, environmentally favorable, lifespan separate blissation effects below the TVS disgrace, for customers predominantly in Asian traffics and to yield occurrence and cheerful-fortune for employees, dealers and suppliers. Vision Statement TVS Motor - Driven by the customer TVS Motor get be echoing to customer insist-uponments appropriate behind a while its centre ability and useability.TVS Motor get yield aggreprelude customer atonement by giving the customer the proper effect, at the proper charge, at the proper span. TVS Motor - The Activity Chief TVS Motor get be one inchoate the top two two-wheeler moldingrs in India and one inchoate the top five two-wheeler moldingrs in Asia. TVS Motor Union is the third liberalst twowheeler moldingr in India and one inchoate the top ten in the cosmos-people, behind a while annual inclineweigh of aggravate than USD 1 billion in 2007-2008, and is the flagship union of the USD 4 billion TVS Group.TVSM – Manoeuvre for effect • Secure effect chiefship by – Introducing disgraces that burst compromises for customers. – Offering the most innovative ‘package’ of effect, adit and finance. – Faster prelude of Refresh / upgrades • Forge TVSM into an form that is ‘fit for effect’ by – Delivering best-in-arrange durability ; reliability – Building a slender and elastic manufacturing behind a while faster ramp-up strength. – Distasteful global sourcing – Sweating property to the acme. – Leveraging the strength of IT abutting centre operations. • Accelerate effect ; deployment of energy-efficient technologies.TVS Motor supports 23% effect in November 2009 Scooters extension at 38%; Private Sales extension 38%Hosur, 01 December 2009: TVS Motor Union has supported 23% effect in November 2009, registering aggreprelude two wheeler sales of 120,844 items opposing 98,402 items in the selfidentical end of the former year. The union continued to support effect in sales for the eighth coherent month, registering a cumulative effect of 8% behind a while sales of 989,353 items in the public financial year up to November 2009 opposing 917,439 items in the selfidentical end conclusive year.Domestic sales of the union cognizanceed a quantum extension in sales positing effect of 38% recording 106,836 items in November 2009 as opposing 77,491 in the selfidentical end of the former year. The union's scooter sales grew by 38% supporting 25,115 items when compared to 18,210 items in the selfidentical end of the former year. Aggreprelude motorcycle sales of the union pellucid at 45,080 items in November 2009 when compared to 45,276 items recitative in November 2008. Exports recitative sales of 14,008 items of two wheelers in November 2009 as opposing 60,911 items in the selfidentical end of the former year.During the month, the union unveiled two upsacrimonious effects, 110 cc motorcycle TVS Jive and 110 cc unreflective scooter, TVS WEGO. TVS Jive features innovative T-Matic technology behind a while rotary estate technology coupled behind a while an unreflective snatch. The bike's anti-stall contrivance makes raze riding practicconducive at low speeds well-balanced in exalted estates, externally the engine shutting off. The downward rotary estate methodicity enables the rider to aim unavowed direct from top estate. The bike can be instituted in any estate and is handy behind a while an electric acrimonious for quiet. TVS WEGO is a multi-user, family-favorconducive and plump metal bodied scooter that strikes a unblemished weigh between inheritance and maneuverability, strength and mileage, and sturdiness and readiness, making it a rapture to ride for any nature of users. The union hopes to add encircling 15% to 20% to its monthly sales, uniformly these new effects are made availefficient in the traffic. BCG MATRIX OF TVS:- Something Ungeared scootar Topic impression (Flame bike and newly agoing ungeared scooter) Dog (Motorcycles) Coin cow ( Mopeds)Cash cow:- tvs moped is the coin cow of tvs motors ,ascribpowerful it covers 82 % traffic distribute in the moped sector The achievement of this effect can be attributefficient to two things : charge and advantage. At a low charge one could own celebrity correct than a cycle and to-boot which was weak to touch and no hassles. The disgrace became favorites for little modifyrs and at one purpose of span an minute raze nature for teenagers Star: This nature represents the exalted traffic distribute and exalted activity effect. SBU’s in this nature insist-upon liberal bombardment to shelter their collocation. SBU get incline as coin cow behind some span Ungeared scooters grew at 12% as compared to 16% in the former year, increasing its nature distribute to 14%. that’s why it get end in something nature Dogs: SBU’s in this nature generates less coin for the union as it operates in low effect and low traffic distribute. Usually companies get not endue in this nature and try to disburse or strip. In the motorcycle nature, the Distribution portion suffered acme discard of 15%, as this portion is most sentient to dispose-of finance.The Executive portion extensiond by 15%aided by enliberal of new effects by innate moldingrs. Reward portion recitative effect of 7% weigh the former year. The nature distribute of motorcycles came down boundaryally from 82% in 2007-08 to 81% in 2008-09. so motorcycle get end in dogs nature Topic Mark: This nature represents exalted traffic effect and low traffic distribute. SBU’s in this nature has two libertys, either to endue heavily and fetch them to something colsubsidence or strip / disburse from that collocation. The efresh of TVS Flame and a new motorcycle artificened for enliberal in the remedy half of 2009-10 get succor the Union to leverage this convenience. The Union has a tenacious closeness in the sub-100cc ungeared scooter portion. However, the Union is publicly absent in the liberal scooter format, which aggregateitys for 70% of the aggreprelude ungeared scooters. The Union artifices to enliberal a new effect during the remedy half of 2009-10 to target these customers. Emergence of electric scooters, distinctly in the treatment of elevation fuel charges, yields a new access of effect. So these effects get end below topic impression nature ANSOFF MODEL:- Traffic discernment: A manoeuvre used in increasing the sales of union’s solid effects externally modifying it in the solid traffic. Characteristics of traffic discernment. 1. Serve customer behind a while solid effects by space new stores. 2. Extension the elevation activities to extension the lessening. 3. Correct the advantage tenderings. So in trafficing discernment union doing disclose on moped traffic ascribpowerful thinder are very few antagonist and liberal traffic ,so this area TVS methodic and compositioning in this areaMarket effect: In this manoeuvre union identifies the new traffics to hawk their solid effects In occurrence of traffic effect union identifies and develops new traffics for its solid effects. In the reward portion, TVSL auspiciously replaced a exalted hawking copy relish Fierro behind a while another advanced effect Apache. Apache concurrently behind a while the of-late agoing fuel injected(FI) copy own been efficient to accumulate a ~10% traffic distribute. Howcontinually extensiond two-of-a-modify in the portion ascribpowerful to Yamaha FZ-16 ; Suzuki GS150R could transfer into privation of traffic distribute for TVS.Product effect: In this manoeuvre, Union identifies new traffics and hawks their solid effects. Weigh the conclusive four years, the balancebearing surploosen for the union has end from most unslight portion of mopeds. This portion had a CAGR of 13% weigh FY05-09 behind a while tenacious insist-upon from rustic areas of South India. At tender, TVSL is the singly player in the moped portion. In the selfidentical spanframe, motorcycles sales for the union had a indirect CAGR of 8%. Mopeds which were contributing 22% of TVSL’s volumes in FY05, now contributes 32% of volumes. This reflects the boundaryalization of the union n the private motorcycle traffic. In this course, union’s useability has been preventively contacted due to extensioning trust on low boundary minute raze portion motorcycles. Diversification’s manoeuvre for union effect through somethingting up or acquiring officees delayout the union’s public effects and traffics TVS agoing its 3-wheelers voyager carriage in endFY09. At tender, this effect is agoing in South India and union intends to own a empire ample closeness during 2010. TVS King is publicly availefficient behind a while a 2-clap engine in petrol and LPG variants, behind a while 4-clap rendering artificened for enliberal by 2010.The 3wheelers activity in India is in a slowdown exposure and is relying on redemption insist-upon as thinder are restrictions on progeny of new permits for 3-wheelers in deep towns and cities. The traffic is publicly dominated by BJAUT which is developing a 4-wheeledalternative for the 3wheelers. TOWS ANALYSIS:Strength Weakness • Gigantic sale netcomcolsubsidence (3500 Dealers). • Correct sale advantage. • It has the exaltedest distribute in automobile sector. • It has a cheerful disgrace shadow. • It imparts correct advantage for customers. • Best customer determination. • Debt equity fitness is singly 0. 1. Suppose to be very questionable. • Not fit for rustic India. • They own big gap between just capacities of its effects. • Its traffic distribute is reducing from conclusive few years. • Spare alienates are too consumely. • If they are efficient to improvise the fuel competency of Scooty pep+, it get be a fortunate convenience to capture weigh the traffic. • Grascribpowerful cosmos-populace insist-upon for minuteraze motorcycles distinctly in emerging traffics • Deep threats to TVS are their antagonists relish:• Bajaj Auto Ltd. • Hero Honda. • Yamaha Motors India. • The consume of the effect is very exalted in similitude to other companies.SUGGESTION:- Services tender by showroom:TVSshould yield peculiarity advantages to their customers to suppress crave conclusiveing customers interdependence. ? Sales ? Repairs ? Servicing ? Subsistence of deportments The item should belowtakes all kinds of sales, repairs, servicing and deeptenance of all TVS motorcycles. It should tenders 4-5 unimpeded advantages for new deportments, methodic advantages behind unimpeded advantages and public checkups. Competitors:- As the office extensions the two-of-a-modify to-boot extensions. So the strong to be auspicious must verify magnanimouser customer compute and atonement than its antagonists.So the strong should heave out true innovative trafficing manoeuvre to hinder the traffic. The deep antagonists of TVS are: ? (Hero Honda). ? (Yamaha-Escorts). ? ( Bajaj) Sales elevation:Sales elevation utensil are used by most strong includingmanufacturers, distrubuters, dispose-ofers and modify familiarity. They should targeted towards developed buyers. It is a near message incentives to help acquisition or sale of a effect, whinder advertising tenders deduce to buy a effect , sales elevation tenders deduce to buy now . Elevation plays an innate role in the aggreprelude achievement mix.Tvs Motors should belowtakes multiform elevational activities. Such as: ? Modify tenders by arranging modify melas ? Monsoon Mela ? Mega advantage enencamp ? Finance facilities ? Test despatch ? Unimpeded advantage encamps ? Keeping customer facts dishonorconducive ? Calling for unimpeded advantage to the customers ? Follow-up customers expostulation ? Diwali Dhamaka tenders So these all activities union should use to advance their effect and impart the best advantage to deeptain their effect in the traffic.BIBLIOGRAPHY:- ? http://marketingpractice. blogspot. com/2007/03/tvs-50-rip-1980. html ? http://www. oogle. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=swot+analysis+of+tvs+product;aq=f;a qi=g10;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. google. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=swot+analysis+of+tvs+product;aq=f;a qi=g10;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. indiainfoline. com/Markets/Company/Fundamentals/Management- Discussions/TVS-Motor-Company-Ltd/532343 ? http://www. google. co. in/#hl=en;source=hp;q=cash+cow+product+for+tvs+motors;aq =f;aqi=;aql=;oq=;gs_rfai=;fp=1c2d003805b123bc ? http://www. oppapers. com/subjects/swot-analysis-of-tvs-motors-page1. html