Unit vi powerpoint presentation open instructions imagine you are the


Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation Open


Imagine you are the primary advice administrator (CIO) for your persomal vigorcare structure. Your table of directors is very careful in the activities you conduct on a daily cause. They own sent a schedule of questions they would relish you to confer-upon on during an upcoming table discourse. In regulate to rejoin to this assignment, you accomplish scarcity to select one of the filing methods and one of the storage methods discussed in this item that you would relish your imaginary vigorcare structure to use.

Prepare a PowerPoint confer-uponation that consists of at last seven slides that cover the subjoined components:

  1. Title slide
  2. Description of the purposes and functions of the vigor advice filing scheme you own chosen
  3. Description of the purposes and functions of the vigor advice storage scheme you own chosen
  4. Explanation of medical annals rebellion in your vigorcare structure; how covet annalss are held and why (one-two slides)
  5. Explanation of when it is desirable to overthrow a medical annals and when it is not desirable (one slide)
  6. Description of your structure's torment schemening and two unanalogous events your function should scheme for (from origin to return) (two slides)
  7. Development of a misrecord slide outlining the mission of your function and what you are doing to determine that vigor advice is accurate and secure
  8. Reference slide after a while at last one without cause, not counting the textbook, in APA format