Analysis of standardized testing reports

 Understanding how to construe and criticise a standardized cupel description is weighty.  Watch the video, Understanding and Administering the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, which can be accessed through the Films on Demand database and explains how to construe a standardized cupel description.  Using the advice shared in the video and in Chapter 4 of the textbook, you achieve criticise one of the cupel descriptions underneath.  In your segregation, execute secure to address whether the cupel in the description is project referenced, proof referenced, or a consortment of twain and how you discern.  In conjunction, criticise the cupel description’s stanines, percentile ranks, two academic areas of strengths, and two academic areas of languor.  You can appropriate to comply your segregation as a written tally.
Choose one of the Stanford descriptions underneath to perfect the segregation.


Figure 4.6

Individual novice description

Figure 4.7

Group cupel description

Figure 4.8

Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test: Primary-grade peculiar record


Examples of all figures are posted as attachments.


In event, it can amply be supposing to parents to succor them rectify discern this process: Understanding Cupel Scores (

Master Communications Group, LLC. (Producer). (1991). Understanding and administering the Iowa cupels of basic skills [Video polish]. Retrieved from


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