A1.1 step 1: thesis statement for literary essay

Read: "Your Disquisition Statement" in the Module One Resourcesfolder. For further constructive instruction, recognize "Draft and Amend a Disquisition Statement" on pages 14-19 in Rules for Writers, 8th edition.


  1. Choose one of the themes and modees granted for you.
  2. Write a toiling disquisition assertion for the theme and mode you chose. Your disquisition assertion must be an segregation, not honest a assertion of circumstance environing the innovating. 
  3. Your bigot must love your disquisition assertion. If you did not take at smallest a 70, you deficiency to amend. You are easy three attempts in this assignment, and the pre-eminent gait procure be commemorative.

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 Your Disquisition Assertion for the Novel Disgrace

Like any monograph you keep constantly written for a first-year adjustment way, you must keep a specific, constructive disquisition assertion that reveals your perspective. When fitness environing scholarship, your perspective must be one which is not overtly manifest. In this folder you procure confront a page titled "Choose One Theme and Approach."  You procure confront distinct themes and modees to appropriate from, but you procure transcribe your own disquisition assertion. When deciding on your disquisition, pay vigilance to what to do/not to do here:

You would not deficiency to transcribe a disquisition love this:

J. M. Coetzee's innovating, Brand takes locate in post-apartheid South Africa.

That doesn't say everything. Basically, it barely states a circumstance environing the story. It does not go further the manifest. Also what is not acceptable is the following:

Disgrace, a innovating by J. M. Coetzee, traces a clear middle-class bigot as he faces brand for having sex delay a student.

That doesn't say ample either. It is scarcely a one-sentence digest of the innovating's batch.

A emend disquisition would be notability love this:

J. M. Coetzee's Brand suggests that the clear bigot's brand reflects the brand and disgrace of clears in post-apartheid South Africa. 

That is doubtful, mayhap uniform controversial. Some scholars effectiveness dissociate delay the overhead assertion. If your disquisition assertion is not totally doubtful, it should at smallest frame a assertion that is not manifest, view the toil in a unanalogous way through reasoning and solution. 

For further details on fitness a cheerful disquisition assertion, stop your handbook Rules for Writers and recognize "Draft and amend a toiling disquisition assertion" pages 14-19.