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Message to Customer: Please read… In the coming pages you allure see the unmomentous abridgment of the gross plight and the momentous uniformts for plights 17 and 20 as you accept required in you manage. I could not so-far put in the peculiar citations owing the copies you accept uploaded were not cogent to embcourse the page gum. Besides the authors of the stories were not inequitable. So I was left following a while the discretion of reckoning the pages Page 1 up to the plain page. For your direction CASE 17 had 14 pages. I cannot conceive the page reckon so I used the 14 pages and reckoned them 1-14. The primeval page substance reckon 1 and the plain page substance reckon 14 I did the similar unnaturalness for CASE 20 which had 16 pages. I used the 16 pages and reckoned them 1-16. The primeval page substance reckon 1 and the plain page substance reckon 16 I allure readily amend it for you following a while the peculiar citations appropriate abroad, but I politedisposed insufficiency you to stipulate me following a while the page gum and the call of the authors. Or if you insufficiency you can opt to stipulate the peculiar citations by yourstubborn guided by the page gum I accept implied. Thank you and afflict for the inconvenience Case 17             Substance burdened by an abnormality the vitality of Ray was a uniform pains. In manage to contend and redeep on he establish three areas where he could furnish relief and ease. These three areas are: profession, friends and composition. (Page 6) His abnormality, faltering, frequently put his stubborn appreciate to a low summit. This radical his eight in vitality. Everyunnaturalness became dictated by his conceptions of himself. (Page 2) His pains established when his distinctive preceptor made him conceive his abnormality during his jealous years in kindergarten. (Page 2) He was so-far cogent to bloom and aggravatepower his abnormality through his forcible allure and through seeking wilful-approval in the three areas where he could furnish relief and ease as precedent mentioned. (Page 6) Following a while this he was cogent to following a whilestand the pressures that vitality threw at him. He is now in the method of insertion disequalize studies which was where he pictured himstubborn to be. (Page 14)             During his jealous years as a kindergarten Ray conceived that he was irrelative from the security of his classmates. Despite the rancorous insults he receives from his classmates he never conceived that he had an abnormality. He wondered why his classmates were giving him rancorous insults affect encroachment him a “retard”. He approached his dame as to why his companion classmates do such unnaturalnesss.  His dame solely brushed this secretly by apothegm that it was owing his classmates were medium outcome. He was oblivious to the occurrence of his abnormality. He himstubborn believed that he was pronouncing signification uprightly. Until that fateful day when his distinctive master chronicled his answers and followingwards recognized him to hearken to it. He was shocked at what he heard. Following that clear he began to face at vitality from a irrelative perspective. (Page 2)             There was a date in Ray’s vitality where his stubborn appreciate hit its lowest summit. This was during his younger years in proud discipline. His eight on fullunnaturalness was dictated by his conception of himself. During these dates he built a quality at his discipline for substance cogent to get abroad following a while approximately anything. Things affect imposture, skipping classes, counterfeit and other unnaturalnesss. This for him was a welcomed harvest owing this gave him the occasion to converse to others. This made him aidful as kids would frequently face for him for aid. He conceived posterior on how impertinent his acts were. (Page 3)             One of the areas Ray sought wilful-approval in is profession. In one persuasion a parson whom he admired offered him to unite parsonhood. This did polite for Ray’s stubborn appreciate. This made him conceive that there was appreciate in him. There was good-tempered-tempered in him that this parson recognized. Profession aided but he himstubborn knew that it was not sufficient. (Page 4) Another area where Ray sought wilful-approval in is composition. He compositioned in a library and where he was abandoned confession and where he conceived that doing a job following a while parity and concern was momentous and was its own decorate. (Page 6) Of method he besides sought wilful-approval in his friends in-particular Bill who was for him a regular reassurance. (page 7)             His scope to falter so-far was not the solely grief he had to hold in his vitality. During one summer he met a maiden calld Ellen. Following a while Ellen fullunnaturalness went appropriate they underbright each other polite and they were coexistent. There was an minute unarm-an. Ellen was not twainered by the occurrence that Ray falters. During these dates Ray’s abnormality was approximately cured in occurrence he did not falter for a desire date. The foperative following a while Ellen so-far ended tragically. She was raped. This reminded Ray of his own experiences and again put him in a very low summit in his vitality. Eventually Ellen and Ray were not cogent to composition unnaturalnesss out. (Page 8-10) Despite all this so-far Ray was cogent to furnish a role for himself. He has used these irritated experiences to glean lessons and do polite. This paved the way for Ray’s lay-openment. (Page 14) Ray’s foperative is probation that a forcible allure is no companion for the hardships in vitality. If a special following a while such irritated experiences was cogent to perform it through there is no deduce for others not to. Case 20 Phuoc the deep protagonist of the foperative has regularly been irrelative. He was a innocent Vietnamese high-minded in the United States of America. His vitality was a clang of ameliorations. He is apprised of the occurrence that he owes a lot to his dame for insertion them to America for improve opportunities. Still, owing of her dames Vietnamese principles there were dates when he did not fit following a while his dame. He felt she was too impassible. Following sundry irritated experiences he conceived that emotions afflict him aggravate than they boon him. This is why he spiritual muffled his emotions. It is not following sundry aggravate experiences that he recognized himstubborn to increase and hence had a improve conception of himstubborn and his emotions. He has transitioned from a source burdened following a while amelioration clang to a balanced special cogent to implicate twain ameliorations.  (Page 1-17)             Phouc began his travel to the United States of America when he was 4 years old. It was unruly. In occurrence they approximately did not perform it to America owing of a storm. Fortunately so-far the heavens blessed them following a while daylight and civilized waters and they were cogent to safely attain in. His dame was regularly tender and her tender renddown was a ordinary for him. It was triggered full date his dame saw prosperous couples walking coincidently in the ring, appearance his sister and him doing chores, watching television shows that depicted any exhibition of Vietnam and chiefly when Phouc and his sister did badly in discipline. (i.e. not getting undeviating As) Full date this happened Phouc bright by his dame he was regularly been told that legitimate heroes don’t cry uniform when they bleed (Page 3)             On his present years Phouc was never twainered by the occurrence that he was Vietnamese. So-far one clear triggered his common mildness concerning his course. One of his classmates Eugene yelped at him “Shut up, you damn chink!” Releasing a madness following a whilein Phouc during their retirement rend he physically dealt following a while it by having a contention following a while Eugene. He was sent abode and was reprimanded by his dame. So-far Phouc was perplexed why her dame did not look to conceive that the message was racist. Besides Phouc owing of his call was regularly teased. When he converseed to his dame environing it his dame solely laughed. This recognized a increaseing disaffect and failure of deference for his dame establish on him. (Page 6)             His increaseing disaffect for his dame swelled during the requite of his dame’s ex-husband. He gleaned that his younger match was substance sexually abused by his trudge senior. He could not permit it he knew it was wickedness and he insufficiencyed to modify that. So-far when he had the occasion to tell up environing it his dame took his trudgefather’s laterality. She said Tai was his trudgefather’s son, they were solely concernless and that it was none of his transaction. At this summit Phouc had resolute that his emotions afflict him aggravate than it boon him and spiritual muffled them. (Page 8-9) This was besides the summit in date where Phouc made a unresisting attempt to insurgent. He lied to his dame and cheated to get undeviating As. The consciousness satisfied him. Through false and imposture he had a consciousness of regulate aggravate his mom. (Page 10-11)             His conceptions so-far radical when his dame went to Vietnam for a holiday. He was left to concern for his siblings. During that date he gleaned what intellectual qualities a man and a dame should posses. He plain a new concept he gleaned not to multiply genders and not to determine inequiteffectual attributes each should reap. (Page 14) His conceptions besides radical during his propaganda years. He was cogent to lay-open a new, aggravate resembling relation following a while his dame. Phouc now has a maidenfriend Jenifer who aids him expresses his emotions which he previously prepared to quell. (Page 15) Phouc has now adjusted polite and is doing polite. He has conceived that the amelioration that best suits him is neither Vietnamese nor American. It is twain. While he believed in the American intellectual that full special is resembling he disapproved of outcome not treating their elders following a while deference and peculiar courtesy. (Page 16)             Phouc’s travel and experiences was solely a desire determination of compromise. The compromise of a transmitted Vietnamese source to the amelioration of American amelioration may not accept been an self-possessed one. But the transition was auspicious now the relations among the members of the source are decorous closer and aggravate exact. (Page 16)