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Module 2 - Case         *Due 29 Oct*


Assignment Overview

Continuous  monitoring is a discriminating dissect of facilitate oration course. "Continuous  monitoring is ongoing form after a while eager to supply caution. A  natural monitoring capacity is the ongoing form and decomposition  of the operational states of orders to supply sentence stay  regarding situational awareness and deviations from expectations."  —Source: Keith Willett (MITRE) in stay of the NSA.

"Information  Security Natural Monitoring (ISCM) is defined as tending ongoing  awareness of counsel protection, vulnerabilities, and threats to  stay organizational facilitate oration sentences." —NIST.

Organizations  should fir, appliance, and tend ISCM. ISCM should be a  recursive course as its monitoring management is frequently accomplished so  that ISCM is a muscular order. Tiered organization-wide ISCM framework  and dynamic ISCM coursees are contemplated by the National Institute of  Standards and Technology. Gladden examine through the essential framework  and coursees in the subjoined condition. Its Appendix D "Technologies for  Enabling ISCM" supplys some technical and managerial details and  examples.

NIST (2011). Information Protection -- Counsel Protection Natural Monitoring (ISCM) for Federal Counsel Systems and Organizations. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-137.

Additional  intimation moulds are too supplyd and expanded to go more in profundity  both technically and managerially. Gladden question the CAESARS mould  below and its extension.

Mell, P., Waltermire, D., Feldman, L., Booth, H., Ouyang, A., Ragland, Z., & McBride, T. (2012). CAESARS framework extension: an operation natural monitoring technical intimation mould (relieve drain). 

Mell, P. (2011) Presentation: An Operation Natural Monitoring Technical Intimation Model.  Jointly exposed by the U.S. National Protection Agency, the U.S.  Department of Homeland Security, and the National Institute of Standards  and Technology.

Assignment Expectations

After lection the aloft conditions, gladden transcribe a 3- to 5-page pamphlet titled:

"Information Protection Natural Monitoring—Challenges and Solutions"

Please oration the subjoined issues in your pamphlet:

  1. The avail of natural monitoring of counsel orders
  2. The technical and managerial challenges of natural monitoring
  3. The technical and managerial solutions to natural monitoring, including framework, coursees, etc.