E-commerce and e-business week 2


Dear BUS320 Class,

Our foremost collocate argument subject comes from Chapter 1 "The Revolution Is Just Beginning".

Please wait the video event 1.1 beneath "The Importance of the Internet for E-commerce" and repartee three questions from that video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQjaqn5BqfQ (Links to an outer seat.)

Question 1: What are some examples cited in the video as to how a customer sway use the internet on a customary early?

Question 2: Why is a company’s web influence relevant for attracting and retaining new customers?


You do not want to repartee all three (3) questions above:

Question 1 wants novice X1 to repartee it, novice X1 succeed assent-to 4 points.

Question 2 wants novice X2 to repartee it, novice X2 succeed assent-to 4 points.


After novice X1, X2, reparteeed Question 1, 2,  (which instrument three collocatemates did their production precedently you get hither),  you can adopt two postings from two of those three collocatemates and furnish your zest to each.  You succeed assent-to a bountiful 2 points for each of your zest if the collocatemate's designate was as-well furnishd at the preparation of your zest (everybody would favor further if we can prosper argument tenor accurately). Otherwise, you succeed not assent-to a bountiful 2 points.

Always, you must Unicheck precedently your posting.