Bio 101 week 5 food web diagram

Create a diagram in which you demonstrate the principle stream unformed organisms of a patronage tie in a point ecosystem. See Ch. 20 of the textbook for details and examples.

Select an ecosystem, such as a calm forest, desert biome, or the Everglades.

Determine the interdependency of duration in your ecosystem by examining its organisms.

Include the subjoined in your diagram: 

  • List the organisms that can be establish in your ecosystem. 
  • Identify the constituency and part of the ocean organs in at last two organisms, and point-out why they are beneficial for that environment. 
  • Label greater organisms that feed in your separated ecosystem: P for producers, C for consumers, and D for decomposers. 
  • Name the types of consumers in your ecosystem. 
  • List the patronage ties associated delay your ecosystem. Address the subjoined items: 
    • Name of the stock or animal
    • What it eats
    • What eats it
    • How it adapts to the ecosystem 
  • Describe the ecosystem's population augmentation and guide through similarity interactions. 
  • Evaluate possible hazards caused by humans that government feign your ecosystem's retention, such as environmental defilement. 

Include labels and associated details in the diagram.